About Us

Bringing greater innovation to investment services.

Your most trusted advisor

CW Holt Advisory is a leader in investment management, delivering innovation in investment services to individuals, families and trusts around the world. We augment our proven capability with leading technology in our quest to be ranked among our clients’ most trusted advisors.

Leaders in the Asia Pacific region

CW Holt Advisory has taken a leading position in the Asia Pacific investment services industry thanks in part to our core values of integrity, transparency and professionalism.

As the world’s markets have become increasingly complex and fast-paced, CW Holt Advisory have invested heavily in systems, technologies and personnel to ensure we continue to serve our client base effectively, delivering the returns on investment they demand.

Consummate professionalism

Despite our acknowledgement of the role technology plays in our practice, we never lose sight of the fact that the greatest asset in our portfolio is our full complement of highly professional employees. CW Holt Advisory fosters a collaborative culture and nurtures an environment in which our personnel are continually encouraged to improve. It is encouragement they appreciate and avail themselves of with many regularly achieving vocational qualifications.