Our Principles

Our actions are guided by traditional values.

Putting clients first

At our inception, we began by asking ourselves how would we like to be treated if we were looking for investment guidance. We came up with a list of core requirements that we as investors would be unable to be without.

Recognizing value

We concluded that we would want our value to be recognized – both as individuals and investors. CW Holt Advisory never loses sight of the fact that we are helping clients to reach a point where they feel financially secure. We realize the importance of listening before we speak, by offering only bespoke solutions to their problems, we ensure
they never feel “pigeonholed”.

Never pigeonhole clients

We treat clients as individuals and they appreciate it. We know the value of common sense, experience and an in-depth knowledge of their goals. We take the time needed to get a clear idea of their tolerance for risk and how we should invest on their behalf.

Each client receives personalized service

We take time to get to know our clients and, consequently, we work more effectively for their benefit.

We make ourselves available

Whereas most practices typically assign a single individual to look after a client’s affairs, CW Holt Advisory appoints two so that at least one person the client knows should be on hand to deal with them in the event they need to get in touch.

Eradicate conflicts of interest – real and potential

As an independent practitioner, we have no obligations to a parent with an agenda that may not necessarily be in our or our clients’ interests. We don’t offer in-house or branded funds and we do not run a proprietary trading operation. We sit squarely on our clients’ side of the table.