Choice of assets

Comprehensive choice of assets and securities.


We provide access to all the advanced, highly liquid markets such as those in the US, Europe, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Clients can trade normal sessions, pre and post-market trading sessions too (subject to conditions). These markets are transparent and closely regulated.

We also provide full access to the emerging markets of Latin America and Asia including China and India. Our arrangements with local partners ensure full access and, in the overwhelming majority of cases, we can offer trade settlements in 1 business day. Our partners are all fully regulated and benefit from transparent, world class governance.


CW Holt Advisory provide access to the world’s bond markets via bond funds. These are all vetted carefully to ensure they remain true to their prospectuses and charge reasonable management fees. We offer US, European, Asian and Latin American bond funds through various well-respected providers.


Commodities continue to attract and retain interest from investors all over the world. We can access purpose-built exchanges like the CME in Chicago or the LME in London or we can simply secure your entry into this exciting market using exchange-traded funds that track the underlying value of commodities such as silver, gold, crude oil, sugar, pork bellies, cocoa, iron ore, copper and many more.

Exchange-traded funds provide a convenient method of owning commodities without having to take delivery though, in the case of precious metals, we can arrange for delivery if so desired.