How We Deliver

Flexible ways to access our market-beating performance.

Expertise delivered across all time horizons

Irrespective of how long you wish to remain invested or your own personal level of knowledge, CW Holt Advisory is able to accommodate you with a small but highly flexible and customizable range of services.

Financial Planning

For clients with little prior experience with financial markets, our financial planning service offers clients the security of having investment decisions made on their behalf by consummate professionals who know the importance of carefully managing risk while simultaneously building capital. Whether you intend to accumulate more capital or to generate income, our teams can help you reach your objectives on your terms.


Understanding that clients come with varying degrees of knowledge of investment matters, we’ve focused on building full flexibility into our brokerage service. For the seasoned investor, it offers a degree of flexibility and global market access that few of our industry rivals can match.

Legacy Planning

Amassing wealth brings its own set of problems particularly when it comes to passing it onto loved ones or worthy causes. The revenue collection services in countries all over the world have realized the huge potential of levying taxes on inheritances and, without careful planning, much of what you leave can end up going to those you least want to have it. Our legacy planning service can help prevent that scenario from unfolding.