Opening Up Global Markets

Professionally-guided access to the global financial markets.

Identifying opportunities

CW Holt Advisory’s brokerage unit provides the more sophisticated investor with a number of services and solutions aimed at enhancing their investment experience.

We assign each client a dedicated investment professional; one who fully understands what they need to achieve. This professional will be adept at identifying the opportunities that generate the returns they seek. He or she will provide unrestricted but guided access all the markets while placing the full resources of our practice at their disposal.

CW Holt Advisory provides for all your needs:

  • Comprehensive range of equities, mutual funds, commodities and fixed income assets trading on advanced, emerging and fledgling markets
  • Access to pre-market trading sessions in US markets
  • Access to hedging instruments
  • Full tracking and alert facilities
  • 24 hours a day/5 days a week access to global bourses
  • Guidance that respects your risk appetite
  • Global 1-day settlements
  • Fully segregated client accounts
  • Full access to in-house and third party research and analysis
  • Access to CW Holt Advisory’s proprietary real-time account and market tracking systems

Managed solution

With a CW Holt Advisory Custodian account, you retain access to CW Holt Advisory’s comprehensive brokerage services for trading securities and managing cash to assist with asset management. CW Holt Advisory can take over the day to day safekeeping of your investments, while you preserve both ownership and control.