Adopting a Holistic View

An investment plan designed to achieve your objectives.

All-encompassing strategy

CW Holt Advisory can translate your unique life situation and your financial goals into an investment strategy that will give you the best opportunity to bring them to fruition.
Having used our discovery tools to identify the areas of your situation that require attention, we design and implement an integrated investment strategy that accounts for your individual needs at each phase of your life, such as:

  • Helping you to keep your existing lifestyle, right through to your retirement
  • Understanding both your short and long-term objectives
  • Maximizing income
  • Assisting you with hedges against market uncertainty
  • Assisting with tax efficiency
  • Ensuring we minimize your exposure to risk
  • Helping you to achieve your desired lifestyle for your retirement

Informative insights and advice

Strategic planning endows you with a framework to fully understand the challenges facing you and to make the most informed decisions in all aspects of your financial life. As you get older, your lifestyle, requirements and objectives evolve and as such, your strategic plan must evolve too.

Regular reviews ensure that every new step you take in your life – be it children, grandchildren, marriage, divorce, changes in your health status or anything else – is catered for by a flexible, strategic plan.